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At Lori’s, our commitment goes beyond selling products – it’s about being a trusted place for joy and support when people need it most.

When you choose Lori’s, you’re not just choosing a retailer; you’re inviting in a partner who intimately cares about improving the employee and visitor hospital experience. Discover Lori’s unique blend of benefits, redefining what the hospital retail experience can be.

Our Services

Lori’s provides full hospital retail management so you can focus on what matters most – patient care.

Our Products

Our expert merchandising team works with hundreds of national vendors and local favorites in your community.

Our Vendors

Learn how to become a vendor with Lori’s retail stores across the nation. Submit your products to our merchandising team here.

Our Growth Pillars

Our People Help Your People

Our team is not just staff; they are compassionate individuals dedicated to enhancing the in-store experience. From product recommendations to a warm smile to a comforting hug, our people are here to make the shopper’s visit a bit brighter.

We strive to connect with your employees who are stressed, exhausted, and time starved.  Our mission-driven approach to the retail experience improves employee morale, making the work environment a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining the best talent.

For visitors, we aim to reduce their stress and boredom by providing a place to explore, connect, and be inspired, helping to make you their hospital of choice.

Our Growth Supports Your Growth

When we are successful, so are you. Our buying team are experts at sourcing thoughtful and innovative products designed to uplift spirits and fulfill needs.

From cutting-edge wellness items to comforting classics, a thoughtful gift or daily essentials, our selection reflects the latest trends & innovations to drive sales growth.

New, innovative offerings like in-store massage, expanded beauty items, coffee shops, custom-made gifts, and our mobile app continue to surprise and delight customers.

Our Expertise Let’s You Focus on Patient Care

We run a highly efficient, fully staffed, retail experience so you can focus on providing excellent patient care. The convenience of our one-stop shop approach focuses on a broad assortment, so time-starved customers don’t need to leave campus.

We also offer locally relevant products and familiar national brands. And we partner with women & minority owned vendors to support diverse representation in our offerings.

In addition, Lori’s was the pioneer in offering a loyalty program to customers to reward purchases, provide discounts, and offer a mobile app to track points, redeem coupons, and receive VIP specials.

View Our 2024 White Paper on Hospital Retail Trends

In 2023, Lori’s successfully performed one of the most extensive research initiatives in healthcare to understand the primary factors contributing to dissatisfaction among hospital visitors and employees. Lori’s White Paper helps us to understand these post-pandemic headwinds and how hospital retail can help address them.

To access an online copy or to receive a print-friendly version, please fill out the form below. A member of our Development Team will reach out to assist you.

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“Lori’s Gifts has become a tremendous asset to our hospital. Offering more than just the expected items for sale–the shop provides comfort, convenience and a sense of normalcy to patients, visitors and staff alike … Their presence and their staff embody care and support the vision and values of our hospital. “

Eileen Pelletier, CAVS

Director of Volunteer Services, Hartford HealthCare

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