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Lori’s is always looking for new products to delight our customers. Our merchandise team follows a well-defined review process to evaluate products for possible inclusion across over 250 Lori’s retail locations.




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Product Submission Guidelines

We’re dedicated to curating a diverse array of products that bring comfort, joy, and convenience to patients, visitors, and staff alike. If you have unique items that align with our mission of enhancing the hospital experience, we invite you to share your offerings with us. Submit your potential products by completing the form below.


  • Please do not send unsolicited samples/products/catalogs to our office. In the event product samples are needed, a member of the Lori’s Merchandising Team will request them directly.
  • All submissions will be considered by the Lori’s Merchandising Team and if appropriate, a member of our team will reach out to you via the contact information provided.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, not all submissions will receive a reply.

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Are you able to drop ship to our individual store locations via UPS or FedEx?
Do your products contain a visible UPC code on the product or product tag?
Are you able to provide a Vendor Tax ID Certificate or W-9?
Are you able to provide a Liability of Insurance Certificate? (NOTE: Must include Lori's as the certificate holder and vendor must carry a minimum of $2M in General Liability Insurance.)
Do you provide payment terms for all goods purchased?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor with us!