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At Lori’s, we are experts at sourcing thoughtful and innovative merchandise designed to boost morale and fulfill needs. From thoughtful gifts to daily essentials and wellness items to comforting classics, our merchandise reflects the latest trends and innovations.

Curated Product Assortments

We understand that hospital retail has evolved in recent years—so we have, too! Beyond traditional gift shop products, Lori’s has expanded its merchandise to include expanded marketplace items, coffee and beverages, and comforting and relaxation services – keeping everyone happy!

Now, everyone walking through our doors can find what they’re looking for – whether it’s a visitor brightening a loved one’s stay  or a doctor or nurse on their break – we cater to all their needs.

Loris Merchandise Selection

Lori's Product Categories

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We source unique and inspirational gifts to console, comfort, celebrate, or express gratitude.

Greeting Cards
Stuffed Animals
Coffee Mugs

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We offer healthy and indulgent consumables on-site that are nourishing, comforting, and provide energy throughout the day.

Healthy Snacks
Packaged Meals

Indulgent Favorites
Bottled Beverages
Protein Bars
Savory Treats
Coffee & Teas

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Fashion & Beauty

As a nice gift or a little retail therapy, we offer fashion and beauty products to uplift anyone’s day.

Purses & Handbags
Jewelry & Accessories

Cosmetics & Skincare
Perfume & Lotion

Baby Clothing
Sleepwear & Slippers

New Vendor Opportunities

With over 150 vendor partners, we can source even the hardest-to-find items.
We love to surprise shoppers with a unique blend of new and on-trend marketplace, gifts, beauty and fashion items they might not expect.

Interested in introducing your merchandise to Lori’s?
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Additional Offerings by Lori's

As we expand our hospital retail offerings, we are delighted to now feature local favorites, coffee pop-ups, and spa rooms explicitly created for relaxation – replenishing the mind, body and soul.

Local at Loris - gift items

Local at Lori’s

We believe in supporting and representing our local communities. Local artists and entrepreneurs can consign their products to be prominently featured inside our shops and available for purchase to help promote and grow your business.

If you or your business has a creative flair for developing unique retail products and is looking for an outlet to display, market, and help grow your business, “Local at Lori’s” is for you.

Recharged by Lori’s


Hospital employees and visitors help patients heal, and that’s a big job. Keeping your body’s battery charged is crucial for the focus and stamina required in healthcare.

Whether you’re starting your day or need a pick-me-up, Recharged by Lori’s offers your favorite Starbucks beverages and snacks right inside the hospital for your convenience. Now you can give your tastebuds a treat and keep your body and brain going strong.

Recharged by Loris - Coffee Station
Relaxed by Loris - spa services

Relaxed by Lori’s


Need to decompress and let go of stress? Relaxed by Lori’s provides a personalized, touchless massage in a private, tranquil room. Now, a mini-vacation from stress is located right inside the hospital!

Step into our spa rooms for a soothing massage tailored to your body’s individual needs. Our state-of-the-art new massage chair features a variety of settings for a partial or full-body treatment for a variety of massage experiences. The spa area shop has an impressive selection of soothing body care products, too.

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