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As the unrivaled leader in hospital retail, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming haven within the corridors of hospitals across the country. With a rich history of serving hospital employees and enhancing the patient experience, our commitment to providing more than just gifts is unwavering.

At Lori’s, we believe in the power of thoughtful gestures to uplift the spirit, foster connection, and spread joy in times of need. Our carefully curated selection of gifts, from comforting essentials to personalized treasures, reflects our dedication to making every visit a memorable and positive experience. With a team passionate about weaving kindness into every transaction, we stand as an emblem of compassion in the healthcare landscape.

To be a trusted place for joy and support when people need it most.

Provide empathy through personal connections while offering convenient products and services to nurture, inspire, and comfort.

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Our History

The first Lori’s Gift Shop opens in Plano, TX, in 1982.

The Bernick family acquires Lori’s Gifts and doubles the store count through major expansion across the country.

The Bernick family’s partnership with Atlantic Street Capital provides vital investment into the business – fueling growth initiatives with technology enhancements, store updates, and talent development.

Amidst the pandemic, Lori’s swiftly adjusts its operations to adapt to hospital needs –  emerging with profound expertise in reshaping hospital retail to better cater to shoppers’ preferences.

Giving Back to Our Community

At Lori’s, we are dedicated to contributing to a healthier world by actively offering products that align with and champion relevant causes. Lori’s has forged over 20 partnerships nationwide, collaborating with esteemed programs such as Susan G. Komen and hospital auxiliaries that serve local communities.

Our range of cause-driven products raises awareness and generates funds to combat diseases. Just another way of living our mission and reinforcing our true north.  In all we do, it’s clear we care.

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