Sandra Hambright, 10 Years
Store Manager, store 345
Houston Methodist West Hospital
Houston, TX

Congratulations to Sandra Hambright, our May 2024 Make Your Mark Award recipient. Administrators, co-workers, supervisors and customers came forward to nominate her.

“Sandra has consistently demonstrated an outstanding commitment to excellence and has made a significant impact on our team, particularly in the realms of marketing and communication. Sandra’s dedication to our marketing and communication efforts is truly commendable. She goes above and beyond, willingly offering her expertise and support whenever it is needed.” – Chris Roumelis, Lori’s South Region District Manager.

“Sandra’s proactive approach and willingness to collaborate have been instrumental in the success of various projects. Sandra consistently brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table, contributing to the overall creativity and effectiveness of our campaigns. One of Sandra’s standout qualities is her tireless drive to be the very best she can be. She approaches every task with enthusiasm, seeking not only to meet expectations but to exceed them.”

“Sandra’s passion for excellence is contagious, inspiring those around her to strive for the highest standards of performance. Her positive attitude and proactive mindset make her a true asset to our organization. Sandra is more than deserving of the Make Your Mark Award. Her contributions to our marketing and communication efforts, coupled with her unwavering commitment to excellence, truly set her apart.”

One touching story about Sandra offering Lori’s Love to a customer reads: “We have a nurse here at the hospital. Her husband had been here in ICU, for 3 weeks, and she worked and stayed here at the hospital taking care of him. She came into the gift shop to say that on Wednesday, they would take him off the ventilator. So, Mary picked out the dress and jacket set to wear to the funeral. Sandra told her that Lori’s would like to purchase her dress for her. Mary cried and we all gave her a big bear hug and I told her that we loved her.”  

“Sandra remodeled her store for Marketplace, and hers was one of five stores that did the Makeup test. She also successfully participated in the Christmas Event Stores. Sandra has been a leader in the district among her peers and demonstrated Servant leadership to her team. I am proud to nominate Sandra.”

“Sandra goes above and beyond for our guests and us associates. We had a patient that was coming to the hospital daily for chemo treatment battling cancer and Sandra made her feel so comfortable that she came to see Sandra every day after leaving treatment. She came by her last day to inform Sandra that she was done with treatment and was cancer- free and rang the bell! We were so excited for her. Sandra right after hearing the news made a gift basket for her with a heartfelt card. This is only a fraction of what she does for the customers. She is an amazing manager to us and very upbeat and positive. She’s always available to others in the district when they have questions on any topic down to helping with coverage of other stores.”

An email from a customer who is an employee at Houston Methodist West Hospital said: “Sandra took it on herself to make a customer’s day. Last week, Sandra came out of the shop and handed me a bouquet of roses. I was overwhelmed with joy and thought wow, how kind! Sandra had no idea, but I had been staying with my elderly Mother for a week taking care of her. When I got home my mother said are those for me? I said yes, they are for us! My Mother LOVED them. She wanted them to be placed right on the kitchen island. I went into the gift shop today and told Sandra thank you again! I told her that the roses were a beautiful “God thing” that she did, as it created so much joy for my mother and me! Every time I looked at them all weekend, I thought how kind of her, and they made both of us so happy.”

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