Yvonne Leonard, 14 Years
Store 454 Manager
Grand Strand Medical Center
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Congratulations to our March 2024 winner, Yvonne Leonard, Store 454  Manager at Grand Strand Medical Center in  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The following are notable quotes from hospital staff, co-workers and visitors:

“Yvonne has been dedicated to excellence to Lori’s for over 14 years.  She has worked in our Charlotte, NC market and when the opportunity came to expand our store count she stepped up to the plate to open and operate store 454. Relocating from her home town and starting anew, Yvonne has found her mojo. The hospital employees love her and she is considered a hero of the hospital.  There is never a visit to this location that 80% of the people entering call her by name and are sharing their daily highs and lows with her.” 

“Yvonne will spend her own money and resources to the brighten the day of her Lori’s teammates and the team of the hospital.  Living in the community, Yvonne is able to share and connect with everyone because she socializes and is in tune with many festivals and events happening around town.Visitors at the beach that find themselves with a medical emergency have shared how important the items we have in the gift shop is.” 

“Despite the challenges of a small space, Yvonne and her ASM Jamie do an excellent job merchandising and moving things around to optimize space.  Yvonne is also my trainer for SC.  If there are new SM hired in the Charleston market, then she will go there to train them and set up their shop for their success.  Yvonne has traveled with me every time we have full store inventories to ensure a veteran is with DM to quickly and accurately execute inventories.  She is an essential part of the team and District 126 is the best because she is on our team.”

 “Yvonne is always going above and beyond for her customers/guests.  Never pressuring people but letting them browse or seeking out what they may be looking for.  She is friendly and she just makes you feel better about being at a hospital because of her bright personality.”

“She always has a smile on her face and know employees by name. Makes you feel welcome! Yvonne makes sure that everyone entering this store feels welcome.     She makes every one of our hospital gang and visitors feel extremely welcome and embodies the principles of GUEST and is a wonderful trainer here in the Carolinas of new management at Lori’s.    She has definitely made me feel more confident in myself as an assistant manager and genuinely cares about the staff and mission here.”

“Yvonne is a 14 year veteran with Lori’s Gifts.  She is currently the training store manager for SC.  She is a team player and travels through out the SC market sharing her knowledge, merchandising expertise and mentoring new hires and newly promoted team members.  Yvonne loves her job and loves the hospital employees of the Grand Strand Medical Center.  She knows everyone by name and has transferred that same compassion and commitment to her FT ASM Jamie Huffman.  There is never a time that Yvonne doesn’t show love and compassion to those that meet her.

“She creates a fun work environment and the hospital staff comes to the gift shop just to see her.  She has grown the revenue in July 23 back to pre-Covid sales.  Despite the challenge of her shop being tiny, she pushes sales and merchandises to win.  Yvonne is also currently on the Store Council and an active member.  Yvonne is a no nonsense Store Manager but does it with passion and compassion.  The people that work for her and with her are loyal and go above and beyond for Lori’s and for the success of store 454.  Anytime the DM has an emergency Yvonne is the go to SM to assist.  She makes sure her home base store is covered and comes to help in anyway that she can.  Yvonne is a true testament to what makes Lori’s Gifts Guest Services above and beyond any other retailer and an anchor for the hospital team mates.  If you ever visit this hospital, you won’t find one person that doesn’t know Yvonne and doesn’t care about her as a person.”

Yvonne's Video