Jim Gray, 1 1/2 Years
Store 15 Manager
Medical City Ft. Worth
Ft. Worth, TX

Congratulations to Jim Gray, our February Make Your Mark Award winner for 2024. Jim has been the Store Manager at Store 15, Medical City Ft. Worth for a year and a half. In that time, he has become somewhat of a celebrity on campus, and is sought out every day by hospital workers and visitors for his uplifting and deeply caring personality.

 Lori’s President, Jeff Gloor surprised Jim with the award, along with Regional Manager, Bob Robinson, and District Manager, Jennifer Dowd. Marketing/Communications Director, Brandon Glenn, presented Jim with two extra PTO days, a local hotel stay, dinner, movie tickets a logo jacket and more.

 Here are a few of the comments sent in by co-workers, visitors and hospital staff:  “Jim has become a part of the Medical City community. While visiting his store in August it was overwhelming to see the connection Jim has with his hospital staff and partners.”

 “The chaplain came in to tell us about his day – and we even shared some Lori’s Love with him (and Jim helped him buy a purse for his wife).”

 “A customer came in to introduce Jim to her husband – he was being discharged and Jim was such a comfort to the wife during his stay he couldn’t thank him enough.”

 Lori’s District Manager, Jennifer Dowd, said, “Jim went to make a delivery and I was running the [register when] a member of maintenance stopped by and asked ‘Where’s Jim? is he ok?’ I explained he was making a delivery and she explained she stopped by twice a day to visit with him and grab some snacks and it made her nervous not to see him there.”

 Dowd said the same activity continued throughout her visit. As each hospital employee came in, she said she would hear “Hi Jim” before even getting a greeting out. And visitors would stop in just to thank him again for his kind words & assistance.  She said, “Visiting Jim in the Gift Shop is now a destination at Medical City Fort Worth. This is my first time nominating Jim – but it will not be my last.”

 A Lori’s team member at another location said, “Jim has gone above and beyond helping other stores including my own. He has personally come in to help with set up and given advice when needed.”

Jim's Video