Linda Dayton, 18 Years
Store 56 Manager
Children’s Hospital
Pittsburgh, PA

 Lori’s Gifts is thrilled to announce our June “Make Your Mark” Award recipient! Congratulations to Linda Dayton, our Store #56 Manager at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Linda has been nominated more than once by her peers and District Manager to win the prestigious award. Below are quotes from her peers in her District that illustrate why Linda is so deserving: “Linda naturally interacts with the children and their parents, putting everyone at ease. They can forget their troubles while they are in Linda’s store.” “Linda is a role model and a source of guidance, advice, and support for every leader in the Pittsburgh market. Linda embodies the true spirit of light and love. “Linda’s love for her team, store, and customers shines through in everything she does. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of this award.”

“Linda goes above and beyond to make sure the gift shop has what is needed to be successful! People wonder how we can handle working with all the sick kiddos, but Linda always says, ‘Our store is the Happy Place of the Hospital!’ Linda is just so amazingly awesome! She treats everyone like family.”