Veronica Gomez, 11 Years
Store 499 Manager
St. Luke’s Health Hospital
Sugar Land, TX

Lori’s Gifts is thrilled to announce our May “Make Your Mark” Award recipient! Congratulations to Veronica Gomez, Store #499 Manager at St. Luke’s Health Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas.

 Lori’s West Region District Manager, Chris Roumelis, received a letter from an MD Anderson cancer patient that praised Veronica’s heart, leadership, and customer service for going above and beyond to help her.

 A friend and fellow cancer patient gifted her a Lori’s necklace that was later accidentally broken. Veronica searched local stores and located another just like it, and even drove across Houston to pick up the necklace and bring back to St. Luke’s.

 The patient said, “My heart was elated to receive the exact same necklace in perfect condition. It now reminds me of the kindness of my friend going through a cancer battle, as well as Veronica’s compassionate heart and her amazing dedication to patients at the hospital. Her heart shines through in her actions and words. She also truly wants to see me win the battle against cancer, and it’s so wonderful to have encouragement from her. She is the ideal employee to have at a hospital gift shop. She is organized, dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate.” Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to our May award-winner, Veronica Gomez!